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Plastic Decorative Window Shutters




Mounting Instructions

On Masonry, Brick, Cinderblock, etc.

1:- Place shutter in desired position. Mark locations for 6 holes approx 1.5" (38mm) from top and bottom and in line at the centre.

2:- Lay shutter face up and drill a 3/8th" (9.5mm) hole through the rail at each mark

Re-position shutter in the desired position and using a punch or other suitable marker, mark the mounting hole location on the building

3:- Remove shutter and at the marks drill a 9/32"(7mm) diameter hole into the wall at least 1 3/4"(45mm) deep

Place shutter back in the desired position. Put shutter spike in hole. Using a hammer gently tap the spike in part way. Repeat until all 6 spikes are started then finish tapping them all in.


They should only go in far enough for the underside of the shutter spike head to touch the shutter when the back edge of the shutter is touching the building.

Shutters can be easily cleaned with mild dish soap and water to maintain their lustre.

The Fixing Spike System supplied makes installation fast and easy with no screws, anchors or wall plugs necessary. It holds in wood, aluminium, stucco brick or masonry / concrete. Matches colour of shutters.


Various Designs are available, for example with or without centre ( i.e. all louvres) or offset middle.

1. Select style and width of shutter

2. Measure the length of each window or door and order the shutters in the same lengths.

3. Tops:

Cathedral - Straight -

A - Cathedral Top with Centre Mullion / Centre
B - Straight Top with Centre Mullion
C - Cathedral Top - All Louvres
D - Straight Top - All Louvres
E - Cathedral Top with Offset Mullion / Centre
F - Straight Top with 2 Centres / Mullions
G - Extra Wide Shutter with Centre Mullion
H - Extra Wide Shutter
I - Extra Wide Shutter with Offset Mullion
J - Combination - Panel / Louvres
* Available in Cathedral Top and Straight Top options




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Door Surrounds Column

GRP Door Surrounds Covers Porch Roofs and column

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GRP Plastic Columns



These beautifully moulded columns are lightweight
and easy to handle. They can be used in many
building projects, including porches and porticos.
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