Marmox Insulation Board

What is Marmox Boards? Waterproof Insulation Boards for Dry Lining and Renovation

Marmox board is the perfect solution to insulate and waterproof in one operation. Ideal to use as an insulation board for most internal construction tasks. The board can be fixed to any suitable wall or framework of wood or metal. Lining a room with Marmox board can be a one man operation, as it is lifght to use and can be cut easily with a saw or a knife. When fixed into place, the joints should be reinforced with a Marmox self adhesive fibreglass mesh tape. Tiling can then commence.

Marmox board helps prevent heat loss through concrete floors and is therefore ideal for use with under tile heating systems. When using Marmox board in conjunction with under floor heating, a warm floor can be achieved in as little time as 20 minutes, whereas it can take two hours or more on a system without it. Most leading under floor heating manufacturers recommend using Marmox board.

Wall Application

Using a notched trowel, apply a bed of flexible tile adhesive (Minimum of 6mm) to the wall.

Offer board up to wall and bed firmly into place.

Waterproof using silicon sealant along board edge and butt adjacent board up to it.

For stud walling, vertical timbers at 300mm centres. All boards to be supported by 15 fixings per board. 

When boards are securely in place (ie, adhesive dry or screw fixed) tape joints with fibreglass mesh tape.

Prime boards with a pva wash 1/5 and apply plaster while still wet of tile and grout in the usual way.

Floor Application

Using a notched trowel, apply a bed of flexible tile adhesive to the floor.

Lay the boards on floor in a chequer plate fashion.

For Wet floor area use a good quality waterproof compound or waterproof tape.

For other areas tape all joints with a fibreglass mesh tape.

Now lay any heating element and tape it in to position. If desired.

Again using flexible tile adhesive, tile the floor.

Seek adhesive manufactures advice for fixing to timber floor. 

Note: Tiles no smaller than 50x50 should be used.

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