Bardoline Shingle Tile Strip

Bardoline Shingle Tile Strip

The Bardoline tile-strip system is an attractive, durable and flexible roofing material that has been used throughout the world on a wide variety of buildings.

Manufactured from a tough glass fibre re-inforced base saturated in bitumen, Bardoline tile strips are available in a choice of 2 colours. They are manufactured from high quality materials using the latest production technology and offer many benefits.


► Durability

With its tough glass fibre reinforcement the weathering performance of Bardoline is covered by a 15 year insurance-backed guarantee though life expectancy is much longer.

► Economy

The excellent handling characteristics of Bardoline and the ease of fixing make it quick and easy to achieve a quality roof. Labour costs and product wastage are kept to a minimum.

► Easy Fixing

The tiles are easy to cut and shape while locating tags ensure accurate vertical and horizontal alignment. Self adhesive tile tabs also provide easy and sure bonding of the courses.

► Attractive Appearance

The ceramicised granule finish comes in a range of attractive colours including two-tone effects. These achieve the subtle variation in colour across the roof that is usually only obtained with traditional roofing materials.

► Flexibility 

Bardoline can be easily bent or flexed making it ideal for curved and intricate roof and cladding applications.

► Lightweight 

Being light in weight Bardoline is ideal for sectional buildings or those of lightweight construction.

► Versatility

With its tile/slate effect appearance, Bardoline can be used to great effect on all types of buildings from chalets to houses, from hotels to garages.

► Excellent Fire Rating

Bardoline provides a high level of fire resistance and offers the security of AA Fire Rating.

► BBA certification

Bardoline is the only bituminous tile strip to have BBA Certification.

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