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114mm Black Square Gutter Adjustable Angle 50° - 156° (RAS3B)

£23.05 Ex Tax: £19.21
  • Brand: Aquaflow
  • Product Code: SABB
  • Availability: In Stock

Description: A new and innovative two-section design of this product allows flexibility was never before thought possible. No more waiting for special angles to be fabricated- and no more hold-ups on the job. Flexibility on the shelf and when you want it! Perfect on conservatories and bay windows.

This Gloss Black Adjustable Angle allows you to take your guttering around internal and external corners from a range of  50º - 156º degrees, fitted at both ends and at the joint with rubbers and clips to provide a watertight seal.  When fitting this corner joint requires gutter clips to be fitted on the guttering either side for support.

Fills the requirement of 90% of non-standard angles required- Marked in 10º increments. Trim to the required angle

Manufacturer: Aquaflow

Colour: Black

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