Floplast FloDrain Garage Pack Black 125mm x 1040mm

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Floplast Domestic Channel Drainage Garage pack.

Quality domestic surface drainage 110mm x 100mm

Anti-slip heel guard grating designed to withstand 5 tonne vehicle weight 4 outlets per length for maximum flexibility.

Suitable for

  • Driveways and pathways
  • Patios and conservatories
  • Swimming pools and sports areas
  • Gardens and water features
  • Retaining walls

Benefits include:

  • Easy to assemble- handle and install with no special tools required
  • Recycled material providing environmental benefits (plastic version)
  • Built in heel guard and anti slip system (plastic version)
  • Simple click into place positive connection
  • Innovative- lightweight and durable design
  • Concave design for easy water flow
  • Low maintenance required by the user
  • Easy access for channel cleaning
  • 5 outlet option for multiple FloDrain channel connections
  • Quad connector for multiple change of Directions.

3 metre Kit contains

  • 3 No Drainage Channels
  • 1 No Endcap
  • 1 No Outlet

Download Flodrain Installation Guide


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